Evidente is a privately owned engineering services company, with offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Lund.

Company profile

Evidente is a privately owned engineering services company, with offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Lund. Founded in 1996, we offer services within software development and systems engineering specializing in the development of products that include embedded systems. We also provide management consulting services for cross-functional product development and product planning.

We are a leading consultancy in our field, with approximately 120 staff and a turnover of 120 MSEK in 2018. We do direct business with major Scandinavian medtech, telecom and automotive companies, as well as with general industrial OEMs.

Our highly qualified and experienced engineers execute customer projects according to firmly structured proprietary methodology. We aim to carry out c. 50% of our assignments in-house. This is in order to maintain flexibility and to ensure the sharing of expertise between colleagues.

The company is certified according to ISO9001 and ISO14001. Quality management and assurance is one of our operational cornerstones.

Staff qualifications

The academic profile is typically an MSc degree. Furthermore, Evidente engineers have on average 12 years of post-graduation industrial experience. This means we, like few others, can provide specialist services in all of our areas of expertise.


Quality assurance policy

Evidente shall exceed customer expectations with regard to engineering expertise, commitment and delivery. This is assured by:

  • Care for client products and development processes
  • First-class engineering results delivered on time and at the agreed cost
  • On-going improvement of working procedures and processes

Information Security Policy

Evidente shall have the greatest respect for information concerning customers, employees, suppliers and the company, taking availability into account. We are aware that both the outside world and the information we handle are constantly changing and we must therefore continuously assess and manage information security risks. We shall act to establish and constantly improve simple, understandable and transparent solutions to deal with the threats and risks we identify in the information security area. The starting point is that safety comes from the employees’ awareness and willingness to work for the highest possible security culture.


Environmental policy

Evidente shall work continuously for a better environment. This commitment applies to our own operations and premises as well as to our delivery to customers. Within reasonable technical and financial limitations, Evidente shall deliver products and solutions that exceed customer expectations from an environmental perspective. This executed so that applicable environmental regulations and requirements are surpassed.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is based upon the 10 principles for business, as stated by the United Nations Global Compact. Download to find out more.