Systems Engineering

A system is a set of components that cooperate to achieve a common purpose. An embedded system is usually a set of hardware and software components such as processing units, software units, sensors, actuators and means for communication. Our Systems Engineering area helps customers with construction, analysis and verification of embedded systems.

Basically, it is all about making complex products with distributed functionality come to life. And to ensure they work as intended. To us it isn’t about advanced tech for its own sake – it’s about solving problems through knowledge and a systematic approach. A household appliance is just as much fun as a space shuttle to us.

Systems Engineering deals with bringing order and simplicity to complex things. To our help we have proprietary tools and processes, as well as our team of experienced system engineers. We are a group of twenty-or-so highly qualified systems engineers, specialized in embedded systems. That doesn’t make us the world’s biggest consultancy nor unsurpassed in numbers by some of our Clients. But it means we offer more than 200 years of advanced systems engineering experience – all focused on embedded systems. And all working together, the Evidente way.

Examples of tasks are concept development, architecture development, system design, functional safety, verification, development of verification tools and end-to-end embedded system development. Our system development process is abbreviated ESYDP and provides a scalable framework to meet our customers’ need for traceability, quality assurance, iterative development and speed to market. It is based on applicable parts of ISO/IEC 15288, adapted to our technical needs and customer requirements.

Evidente System Development Process (ESYDP)
– a system context process