What we believe in

At the end of the day, our customers need better solutions than their competitors.

We want to be a dedicated part in that strive. So we are specialized in embedded systems, rather than general engineering services.

Being dedicated means asking more questions – not letting go until everybody involved share the exact same view of the assignment. All that matters is to deliver a competitive advantage to our customer. We do not believe in tech for tech’s own sake, but solutions derived from an in-depth and mutual understanding of the task at hand.

Evidente engineers are not solo artists. We share know-how and seek a second opinion whenever it benefits the end result. They say culture eats strategy for breakfast. Maybe so, but at least we think this kind of commitment is necessary for exceeding expectations in a highly competitive environment. It also tends to build long-standing relations with customers and staff.

Or in the words of a few of our colleagues:

“ I like the fact that I can have a chat with the owners over a cup of coffee – instead of trying to deliver on impossible targets set by someone I have never met.

“ We don’t just talk about quality assurance and policies – we live by them! On the other hand, Evidente management wouldn’t bother with setting rules that come in the way of doing great work. So we tend to have fewer policies than some – but they are real and put to use. Always.

“ Evidente is based simply on the love of engineering. Not for short-term gains or creating corporate hierarchies.

“ When I joined as newly graduated, I immediately liked the seniority around the place. And the fact that everybody shared their know-how.

“ The right people tend to stay on for a long time. I guess they appreciate the zero-tolerance for botch work, the orderliness and the opportunities for professional development.